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SexxxyLiveCams Review

A year ago, was created, to ride the train of cam sites which was and is getting very popular among people of all ages and countries. It performed pretty well for a couple of months after its launch, and it reached its peak and decline in a rather short amount of time.

In less than a year, due to the low amount of customers who visited back to the site, the number of models started declining too. By the first quarter of 2013, not much of it is left, although there is still a lot of static content anyone can access, like photos and videos.

There are occasionally some performers who log on to the site, and they are mostly performing in private for the few loyal customers that they have managed to hold on to.

The website and content

Upon visiting the site for the first time, you are greeted by an eye-catching layout, very different in terms of looks from the traditional camsite. Deep under though, the functionality remains pretty much the same – though I give it to them for creating a very simple and effective way to differ from the competition, yet keeping everything easy to access and use.

On the top right side, with either the header showing or not (you can use a button to “hide” it) you have the sign-up and login pages, as well as the language selection option which is currently available only in English and Spanish versions.

A dynamic navigation bar helps you get around the site without hassles, as it is very straightforward. It links you to the: currently online models, all models registered, videos page, buy chips (the online currency used here), and finally your favourites.

Below that you will find a summary of the different categories, meaning the last 6 online performers, a dozen of random performers’ profiles for you to browse, and a few videos you can watch for free.

If you wish to apply some filters to make it easier to find your right choice, you may directly use the filters provided at the rights side of the page. By choosing certain parameters of your choice, your results will be filtered automatically.


Unfortunately at the time of the review there weren’t any online and performing models, so we could not access the chat with anyone, but the whole interface loads up pretty well, and loading times are very fast – mostly because of the lack of people using it.

If you decide to wait until some performer logs in and starts her chat room, there are other features you can explore on-site. Best of them is viewing some random profiles. By clicking on any model’s thumbnail image you will be taken to her profile, where you can see some information about them and also the images and video of themselves they have labelled as public.

The site is very interactive, so by simple clicking on the thumbnail the image will show up in higher resolution on-page.


The other option you have is to browse around their video database and just sit back and enjoy the show. These are mostly parts of their past live shows, and you can view most of the short clips for free. If you wish to view the entire show, you might have to spend your chips – this is also a much cheaper way of viewing your favourite model’s shows if you’re on a tight budget, as it costs a lot less (more like a fraction) than paying for a live show.

To get to the videos, just click on the “All Videos” button located on the navigation bar on whatever page of the live cam website you are on. From there, a lot of videos come up, so all you have to do is take your pick and wait for it to load on-page in the same way that the pictures did.


If the site is to your liking or you fancy one of the performers and decide to buy some chips, its fairly easy – all you have to do is register first, by providing your desired username, email address, and password you will be using on the site. You will then be able to buy chips using the “Order chips” button, also present in the navigation bar on any page of the camsite.

Before choosing how many chips you are buying, keep in mind that it is important to know the rates charged on the site:

For a private show, where other people can participate and see what your performer is doing, it costs an average of 20-40 chips/minute. If you are interested in a “True Private” show, where you are one on one with your desired model, it can cost you around 50-70 chips/minute.

A pre-recorded video session can cost around 5-15 chips in total.

Personal views 

I really love the way is laid out: the colours are great and its very easy to pass from page to page to wherever you want. And the best feature of all is the extreme interactivity of the site – everything just opens and loads on page, from pictures and videos to the chat interface features. It is also very fast, which always deserves credits for me.

As for the negative aspects, I can only think of one, but it is a very heavy one: Lack of performers. I know that it used to have more performers from my previous reviews of the site, but at the moment it is severely underserved. There are no performers. It might be a transition period, and it might pick up in pace again or start even stronger; but it may also remain this way and join the thousands of camsites that did not make it past the first year.

For the quality of the models (which are few, and the few present are mostly guys) the prices are quite high, but as they say – if you like a certain performer, nothing you can do about her prices.

If they were not short on performers, this site would be great, also because of the photos and videos they let even free visitors view.

At a Glance Information

Registered Chat hosts: 39 Contact Support
Average Online: 4+
Free Chat? Yes (Restricted) 
Private Chat (per minute): 20-40 Chips
Niches Available: Multi-niche including Man, Woman, Couples, Fetish, Babes, MILF, Big Boobs, BBW, Tattoos, Woman on Man, Woman on Woman, BDSM, Bondage, Foot Fetish
Models Wanted Affiliate Program

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