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My Free Cams Review

Despite being a fan of adult webcams, somehow I had completely missed also known as MFC. The first time I checked it out, for the purpose of writing this review I was genuinely shocked and confused all at the same time.

You see, MyFreeCams is unlike most other cam sites, here it’s 100% free all of the time and you can and will see nudity, bondage, torture and pretty much anything else that can cross your dirty mind. It’s like a playground for perverts – seriously.

As mentioned, if you haven’t visited MFC before, it can be a little confusing so I will try and explain what it’s all about as best I can.

Background Information

MyFreeCams was created in its current format in 2005 and has since evolved into what is quite possibly the most popular video chat community available. At the time of review the site was ranked within the Alexa top 500 sites on the internet which is no mean feat and the sites claim as being “The number one Adult Webcam Community for Live Video Chat” is no idol boast.

First Impressions

A few seconds after arriving at (you need to allow the room time to load the chat hosts) you will find yourself looking at something similar to the screen shot below.

The main section of the screen is taken up by the online models, at the time of review there were over 1,300 models online however this rose to close to 2,000 online later on.

mfc home

Beneath these is the preference list which is very advanced for a site like this. From here you can filter by region (hide or show only),  you can choose what displays at the top of the screen (friends, HD webcams, group shows etc). You can also sort models by score, most popular or alphabetically as well as other general display options. It’s a function that works really well. Note: you will need to use the inner scroll bars to drag the page to the bottom.

The right of the screen is your personal area where you can create an account or once registered, login and out, send messages and more. Beneath here are the current most popular rooms, you can also switch this to recently visited rooms and recommended models. You will also have quick and easy access to your online and offline friends from here as well once logged in.

Registering at MFC

As a registered member at MyFreeCams you can send and receive messages directly with chat hosts, something you can’t do as a guest. You can also purchase tokens to tip models should you like. Registering is easy. Just choose a username, enter a valid email address and password, then verify your email. It’s as simple as that.

What about the live video chat?

As mentioned earlier in this review MFC is like a playground for perverts, it’s basically 1000’s of live cam girls streaming direct to your computer from their bedroom, living room or wherever.
Notice I said girls, that’s because every chat host online will be female, guys are not allowed here..
Good for the majority that search for live cams but if you are looking for gay, guy or transgender you might have more luck at a site like LiveJasmin.
Because it’s free to watch, you can see pretty much everything that a basic registered user can see except you are unable to chat or add friends etc. This means that you can watch everything.

To give you an example, the first time I visited MFC I opened up the video chat window of a chat host called MeaFox. I noted down a few words that I wanted to use to describe what I was seeing, these included:

Crazy (as in I can’t believe what I’m watching)
Nipple chain
Enjoys pain

mfc room


I’m not going to go into exactly what happened in that room, I think my notes give a fair idea but if you spend a bit of time looking you too will find pure gems like this.

Each room you visit has a topic, the topic name is at the top of the room. The idea being that if you tip 10, 20, 50, 80 or whatever is asked then the chat host(s) will do that. Examples of topics include things like:

Tip 20 fifty times for nude and oil
Spanking game – 33 tokens ass, 43 for tits, 63 for pussy
Tip for Toys!

During the course of this review I visited maybe 20 different rooms and was surprised that the vast majority were English speaking, mainly English, American and Canadian. There were some Europeans however they generally spoke good English.

The majority of the rooms had audio and most were talking directly to the audience, in some rooms you may find you cannot chat unless you are an upgraded member.

Less than half of the online girls were using HD webcams however this didn’t seem to matter as much on other sites. Whilst the video screen can be made larger it cannot be made full screen, this is an advantage for those on slower connections. Most of the videos ran smoothly at a good frame rate however I experienced a couple occasions were the video froze.

Chat Explained

As a basic user (logged in but not purchased credits) you can send messages in some rooms but are restricted in others, also you are unable to use the full arsenal of chat functions.

Once you have purchased credits you account will be upgraded. As an upgraded user you can now send messages to any chat host in any room. You can also take advantage of the cool emoticons available including using user submitted emoticons. You are also able to upload pictures directly into the chat window.

Site Navigation

Once you have got used to the basic layout of MyFreeCams getting around is easy


From within the video chat window there are previous and next model links, last viewed and options to purchase tokens. You can also see a girls personal profile or send them a private message from here.


Whilst on the homepage, clicking one of the links beneath a girls profile picture does one of 5 things:

  • Chat – Opens the chat rooms in it’s own page
  • Popup – Opens the chat room in a new window (useful if you want to watch 2 or more girls at the same time)
  • PM – Send private messages, you need to buy tokens to use this feature
  • Profile – These are interesting, remember myspace? Well with Myspace you could edit your homepage how you liked, add photos, videos, change the background. This is a bit like that.
  • Menu – Displays important / useful information like: Chat hosts avatar, chat room preview, room topic, currently how many users in room and status of users. Also, Location, current score, occupation etc.

Also, displayed on selective photos are little icons. HD means the chat host is using a HD webcam, a little image of a camera means that if you click it you can see a live preview image of what is happening in the room (without needing to visit it).

How much are tokens?

If you want to enjoy MFC to its full potential you will want to purchase tokens at some point, purchasing tokens immediately upgrades your account to premium.

The price for tokens is very reasonable considering what you can see for nothing and the main reason for tipping is social (and to fund the girls college fund).

200 tokens for $19.99

550 tokens for $49.99

900 tokens for $74.99

You can either choose to be billed directly to your credit or debit card or through payment processor CCbill.

The negatives

Whilst my free cams has a lot to recommend, it also has some negatives. For instance, the online girls don’t seem as hot as on other premium sites. These are regular amateur cam girls after all.
Also, whilst the cam quality is ok, there are some things you can’t do here that are commonplace at other cam sites, things like pan, tilt and zoom for example. Also, it’s a shame videos cannot be made full screen in general chat.


I’ll be honest, I’m a convert. Whilst, at heart MFC is still an adult cam site it stands out from the rest with some great features.

Most notably the chat hosts who seem to be there, genuinely for their following as opposed to some other sites where you get the feeling they are only there because they have to (or they are begging you to take them private).

The video cam quality is good although on other, premium sites it is more fluid.

Ok, so if you are unlucky it may take a couple of minutes to find a sex show, if you are lucky you might find one straight away. I found one on my first ever visit..

Verdict, recommended!

At a Glance Information

Registered Chat hosts: 15,000+ Contact Support
Average Online: 1,300+
Free Chat? Yes Unlimited
Private Chat (per minute): 60 – 80 Tokens
Niches Available: Live Webcam Girls
Models Wanted Affiliate Program


  1. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for Tiny Webcams

  2. MFC is the best i’ve seen in 3 years on these wankable at sites. Contrary to stated above, theres 100s beautifull sexy models doing shows in public and you can now get full screen easily by double clicking the models pic when you are in the room. The full screen does have 1″ borders in black either side and no visible chat. Great for concentration on what she’s doing and not what watchers are prattling on about.

  3. Why do people say MyFreeCams don’t have guy, gay, TS/TV models?

    1. There are no still-male models but there are TS/TV models, one who was chatting from Eastern Europe. Are jessie 125, de juh vu live, and others not TS models? Can someone confirm this? It has been mentioned in their rooms and on other sites but there’s always a huge debate. A few who argue they were born female don’t realize a TS does not have a penis. Likewise, some who argue that they are TS blame MFC for discriminatory practices. That is, because MFC doesn’t allow TS, that’s why people like jessie 125 & de juh vu live have to to pose as women.

    2. Some of the models are lesbians or state they are bi-sexual, not just people who “experiment”

  4. What the…? Yes, I believe Jessie125 and DeJuhVuLive are on myfreecams are post-op trans-gender women because MFC does not accept pre-op trans-gender. But, they are not the only ones.

    For some of the TS/TV women as you call it, it’s not as difficult to tell as you may think. They give it away because their voice is always in a high-pitched falsetto and they take you private or group without ever showing the p****.

    For others, it’s more difficult to tell unless someone lets it slip, which is rare. So you can suspect those but not confirm.

    If your a guy, just look for the natural-looking girls like GinnyPotter or AspenRay if you are not into the trans-gender women.

  5. Yes I believe they are post-op trans-gender women. Pre-op trans-gender women are not allowed on myfreecams. MFC policy states that.

    If you are looking for trans-gender women on MFC, there are many others like BellaBrookz so you’ll find them. They don’t show you pink or close up of the p***** typically and will never stick dildos in there even in private or public. They pretend while hiding and make a lot of money.

    If whacking off @ trans-gender women is not your thing, most of the women on MFC are not and you can tell by what most of them do in public chat.

    • I think Jessie125, DeJuhVuLive, BellaBrookz and quite a few popular models on MFC are transgender women as you guys suspected.

  6. At least on chaturbate you know which models are transgender or shemale. you dont have to guess. come to chaturbate boys. jessie125 is pretty but clearly transgender woman. dejuhvulive still has masculine features. is she pre-op transgender or post-op. she never gives any hint when I checked out site.

  7. I knew it! So jessie125 and dejuhvulive are transsexual? why aren’t they allowed to tell people that? I suppose it’s same as people you try to date who may be transsexual or transgender who don’t tell you. Very deceptive. Meanwhile, some of them, make $$$$$$.

    Thanks guys.

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