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LiveJasmin Review

Update November 2013: LiveJasmin has recently rebranded to Please read our latest review. has a very different look and feel to a lot of cam sites. Whilst the majority of cam sites stick to the same formulae, a homepage with a block of cam girl profile pictures usually in rows of 4,5 or 6 with perhaps a total of 16 – 40 profiles per page. LiveJasmin does things differently.
When you first visit you will notice that it looks more like a porn site than a regular cam site but if you pay attention for more than a few seconds you will see that all the photos are of cam girls and if you keep watching you will see that the photos change from static to a live cam feed and each profile picture gets about 10 seconds of live action every several minutes.
Another cool feature on the homepage is that when you scroll down the page more cam girls mysteriously appear.

It seems that this look on their homepage is new for them as well because across the top of the page their is a link to the previous version and the old version looks exactly how you would expect an adult webcam site to look.

Previous LiveJasmin

livejasmin old

New Live Jasmin

livejasmin new

Clicking a profile picture takes you through to a live feed of the chat host, from here you can make the video size bigger or smaller depending on your connection speed. I found the large video (almost full screen) was perfect for my connection and mine is only average.
You can also send chat messages to the hosts as a guest along with anyone else that is watching that chat host at that specific time.

Down the left hand side of the video are several more options, these include:

Model Bio: Basic information about the model along what they will do in chat
Get credits: You need to register first
Add to favorites: You need to register first
Take a snapshot: You need to register first
Surprise model: You need to register first
View gallery: This gives you several photos along with a video from a previous chat session however even this is restricted until you signup.


Video chat as an unregistered user doesn’t last long, maybe a minute or so and then the video will stop and a popup will alert you that you have run out of free chat time and you need to signup free to watch longer. You can view an unlimited number of models and chat sessions but the timeout makes it seem rather pointless. far better to register for free and watch as long as you like.

If you want to get back to the main wall, just click the close button in the chat window.]

Tell me about registering

Signing up for LiveJasmin is very easy, actually it’s the easiest cam site I have ever registered at. All you need to do is enter a username, email address and password. That’s it! . You are not required to verify your email, provide a  credit card or anything.

As a registered member you have access to the same chat hosts as previously except now you have a userID by which chat hosts can recognise you and you can also favourite any chat hosts that catch your eye.

If you want to see the chat host naked then chances are you will need to buy some credits, it’s very rare to get a free porn show.

So how much are credits?

Credits come in values from 29.99 all the way upto 159.99. This equates to $29.99 and $159.99 respectively.

Models can pretty much charge what they like to take you private but the price is clearly displayed. The majority of the girls charge as little as $1.99 per minute however the price can go as high as $3.99 which is still not a bad price for webcams.

What’s the content and site navigation like?

I have decided to combine these two features as it’s going to make reviewing LiveJasmin a little easier.

The chat hosts are split into three main groups initially, you have the girls, the guys and the trannies. Once you have selected your choice you can the further filter your choices down  by clicking the tab next to the search box and highlighting your selection.
For example, you could select the girls and then filter it down to girls who are prepared to wear stockings and smoke and that have small tits. It’s a good idea just remember that the chat hosts choose the niches they are willing to do and it’s in their interests to choose as many categories as possible.

Some things I couldn’t see which are clearly visible on most cam sites are the number of online chat hosts and how many chat hosts are available in each category however I didn’t have any problems filtering by selection down to  girls 18 – 22 years old that are into leather.



After spending some time with the various chat hosts I found I had mixed feelings about the experience. Yes, the site is easy to use. The videos load quickly and everything works like a well oiled machine but some of the chat hosts come across as downright rude. I guess if your job is a webcam chat host and you spend all day in front of the cam talking to leechers that are free registered then is can get a bit tiring but taking a girl into private should be easy, it should be a pleasurable experience and the chat host should answer any questions you might have prior to taking you private.
I found that a lot of the girls seemed indifferent and would reply with sarcastic comments or would ask you to come into private to find out. It seems strange to have to go into private just to ask a question or find out if a girl has a dildo.

That being said, LiveJasmin is a huge site. i don’t know how many cams are live at any one time but I think it’s a lot. Some of the girls are great, polite and more than willing to help I just wish the rest were more helpful.


LiveJasmin is a very nice site, it’s well designed with a huge amount of chat hosts. Navigation around the site is  easy and with no recurring payments on your card the prices look attractive. All the cams I saw ran smoothly at a reasonable frame rate and for the most part the online chat hosts were willing. I found the lack of audio on a some of the cams a little disappointing however the ability to cam2cam somewhat made up for this.

LiveJasmin also ranks at number two in our review of the top 10 adult cam sites.

As a webcam site that you can register free on without having to provide your card details makes signing up for LiveJasmin a no brainer. Sign up, keep checking back, watch all the free chat you like and when you see that hot chat hosts that makes you horny buy credits!


At a Glance Information
Registered Chat hosts: 65,000+ Contact Support
Average Online: 1,000+
Free Chat? Yes (restricted) Unlimited for Members: sign up free
Private Chat (per minute): $1.99+
Niches Available: Multi-niche including Girls, Lesbians, Mature, Fetish, Couples, Groups, Flirting
Models Wanted Affiliate Program


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  2. Great review!

  3. I wish it was cheaper but the site woths the registration. I’d give it 4.5 out of 5 stars 😉

  4. Jasmin is a good site , you just have to find the good girl , and i found her

    LaraRick works exclusively on Live Jasmin .
    She likes talk with member and her english is really great .
    It’s a sweet model , playfull , funny , with a real personnality .
    If you want have a great time and maybe have some fun , go visit her on LJ , its already a good reason to get an lj account .
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