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dxlive review

Without a doubt, Deluxe Adult Live Show or has been one of the steadiest live camsites which specialize in providing Asian performers since 2002. Although it started out with only Japanese models, nowadays there are models from most corners of Asia, especially the Eastern and South Eastern countries. Review

Although not particularly well-known such as other big sites out there, its performers are very unique, and there seems to be many of them registered and online. Not to talk about the design which is very effective.

The website and the content

Do not be alarmed if you get a page in Japanese as soon as you land on for the first time. Considering the website started out in Japanese and then added an English version of it – it is completely normal to have the age confirmation screen in its original language. Unless you understand their alphabet, scrolling down and clicking on the “18 and over – English” button is all you can do here to have you taken to the English version’s homepage. The other two buttons will lead you to yahoo in case you are a minor, or to the Japanese homepage.



After having confirmed your age by clicking, you will be taken to a more familiar looking page: a typical camsite layout, with a few different links and features.
On the top part of the webpage, you will see various navigation bars. The one on the very top has links to the login pages for both members and models, as well as a sign-up page. Just below it you will find another row of links, which come in very handy especially if it is your first visit. While the “Home” and “Search” buttons are fairly straightforward, and take you to the homepage and the advanced search page; the links worth checking out are the other ones. The “First time” and “How to” pages illustrate how the site works, and which features become available to you once you become a paying member. These guides are very useful and should definitely be read. There is also another “Join” button here, in case you missed the one right above it

A catchy image with some sexy female models is also shown here, one close up photo with Kawaii written next to her, which would translate into “cute”; while the busty girl opposite to her has a Hentai tag, literally translated into “perverted person”. Clicking anywhere on this image will also lead you to the sign-up page.


On the main portion of the page, you will see a thumbnail gallery of each online performer and her name underneath, as well as a variety of little icons which are used to differentiate each one’s stream and audio quality, as well as their available toys. The descriptions of these icons can be found just above the list, and they are mostly used to describe: the languages spoken by the model (Either Japanese or English), the newbie status (1 month on site, or 5 days), HD stream with/without microphone, and the number of remote toys she’s willing to use.

The little bar above the descriptions acts as a quick filter. By clicking on “All” (which is the default option) you will be able to view all the currently available models and choose from the entire list. Clicking on the other buttons which are: Remote toy, new girls, popular, and microphone, will respectively filter the online girls meeting the criteria. A handy refresh button is located at the end of this list, as the models may log-out in the meanwhile and new ones arrive.

There are over 20 thousand models registered, as displayed on the dxlive site but you may only view those who are currently online from this screen. To be able to view a little profile page of an offline model you will have to use the search function. On the profile page, there isn’t much to do: there is usually just a short message left by the performer, and a couple of free pictures to look at.

After having looked at all the possible additional features of the site, one might want to take a free ride in the chat rooms to see how the girls really are performing. Doing this is really simple, all you have to do is click on the thumbnail of the model that catches your eye (from the list of the online performers on the home page, and not on the search page). Either a new tab or window will open on your browser and load up the chat interface, which will allow you to take a preview on what you will be paying for in case you decide to join.


By using the live chat as a free guest, you are allowed to watch the show for a very brief amount of time. Somewhere around 5-6 seconds. Which is seriously not at all satisfactory for a preview.

Things change once you purchase minutes from the site though. After purchasing points, using their secure transactions system, you will be able to chat with all the models you want, for as long as you want. Take note that there is no such thing as a free chat – you will pay for anything you do.

Points are available in 4 different packages, with more free bonuses the more you spend:

  • Bronze course: $50 equivalent to 25 points
  • Silver course: $100 equivalent to 50 points
  • Gold course: $200 equivalent to 110 points (includes 10 free points)
  • Platinum course: $300 equivalent to 170 points (includes 20 free points)

There are two main ways to view the live shows on this site, and they are: Chat mode and Peep mode. Each of these cost 1 point per minute to view. If you wish to use the additional features, you will have to add on points or fractions of it.

The currently available features are:

  • HD stream: 0.2 points per minute extra
  • Exclusive chat (no peeping allowed): 1 point per minute extra
  • Cam-2-cam: 1 point per minute extra
  • Remote toy usage (You control the toy’s location and vibration intensity): 1 point per minute of use
  • Double remote toy usage: (control two toys): 2 points per minute of use
  • Private message: 1 point per message
  • Gift/tips: available in either: 3, 5, 10, 15 points

Detailed and step by step guide on how to use the remote toys and other features can be found in their “How to” and “First time” sections.

Personal views

With the continuously growing number of live stream sites that provide exclusive performers from Japan or Asia in general, seems rather old-fashioned.

It has stuck to its mentality of providing shows only to those who pay, and making them pay for any little extra. While the prices are in the norm for an exclusive one-on-one chat (around $4) where no one is allowed to peep on you, having to pay $2/minute for a chat which is totally free on other sites (the ones which allow free chat) seems a bit of a rip-off.

I like the remote toy feature. Although it costs an additional $2 per minute, it’s a nice little addition that makes me feel in total control of my performer (as long as its within limits, as they can turn down requests they do not feel comfortable with). Playing that toy wherever you want at whichever intensity is a pretty good idea.

Not exactly a huge amount of performers online at reasonable hours – Because of the time zone differences, mostly – but enough to give a wide selection of models.

Many models stream in HD – but it costs additional money to view them. You be the judge.

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