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chaturbate logo is one of the newer cam sites that we have reviewed. It was created in 2011 and has quickly emerged as a good contender within the adult cam scene.
Chaturbate is a fun site with its tagline ‘The act of mastubating while chatting online’ and the  setup is immediately recognisable as a webcam chat site with it’s wall of live profile pictures.

Chaturbate Review




Lets go ahead and open up and after we have clicked to verify our age we find ourselves on the homepage similar to the image above.
The page is in a familiar format with a large wall of featured cams. Each image features a screen grab of the live show in real time.
What’s interesting is that each ‘profile’ on this page has additional information and provides you with a snapshot of what the chat host is into, where they are from and their age, etc.
The profile image describes the cam as either HD, Chaturbating or Exhibitionist. Other information provided includes how long they have been on cam and current viewers.

Clicking a photo opens up the main free chat window and this is where it gets really exciting because Chaturbate has some of the best live sex chat I have seen for quite some time.

Anonimgirl69’s room caught my attention first and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that  the room had four gorgeous girls naked on cam at the same time. Also, even though I hadn’t yet registered I was treated to a free live show along with almost 2500 other voyeurs.


It’s clear that Chaturbate is extremely popular when I reviewed the site there were nearly 200 girl cams, 200+ guy cams, 27 couple cams and 11 tranny cams. So 400+ cams during the middle of the day for a relatively new site is pretty good going.

Tell me about the free cam chat

Let’s return to Anonimgirl69’s room and investigate further. As an unregistered user you can view the cam, this is a medium size video with the majority very clear and an excellent frame rate. Nearly all the cams I watched had audio and the chat hosts would communicate with tippers via a kiss and a thankyou. You can view the chat hosts bio and you can see who else is in chat however you are unable to communicate by chat because a popup prompts you to register for free.

Whilst remaining as an unregistered viewer is possible and actually very very good. Eventually you are going to want to register. After all, this will then give you full access to the site. You can talk to the hosts directly and you can access locked content. At Chaturbate is totally free.

Ok so what does registering involve?

You will be pleased to know that signing up for a free account is simple. just choose a username and password. provide an email address and your date of birth and that’s it. After clicking register you will automatically be logged in. No need to verify your email or any of that nonsense.

The whole principal behind Chaturbate is based on tipping. If you see a girl you like tip, the more you tip the more appreciation and the more chance they will listen to you. tip small and they won’t give you the same recognition as a big tipper. Don’t tip at all and you are likely to get ignored. The chat window is colour coded (I presume for the chat hosts benefit) and bigger tippers are displayed in a darker, bolder font than non or low tippers. You tip with tokens.

You can of course still take a chat host private and have a one on one with the girl of your dreams. Private chat varies between 12 and 90 tokens per minute.

Tell me about these tokens

Tokens are Chaturbates virtual currancy and at the time of reviewing these cost:

$10.99 for 100 tokens
$20.99 for 200 tokens
$44.99 for 500 tokens

As you can see purchasing 500 tokens is by far the best deal however there is a fourth option. If you upgrade your account you can get full screen video, access to PM’s and an ad free Chaturbate for $19.95 a month and they throw in 200 free credits as well.

Content and Naviagtion

As previously mentioned, there are enough rooms on Chaturbate to keep most happy, the overall quality of the webcams, the photos and the videos is very good. Getting around is straightforward and whilst reviewing the site I didn’t encounter any moments where I found myself wondering what to do next.


You could quite easily spend all day on chaturbate without spending a single penny, the free webcams really are that good however, if you seek interaction or if you are looking for some proper sex chat then you should buy some tokens. In this reviewers opinion, Chaturbate is one of the best adult chat sites currently operating and with free registration you have nothing to lose. Get youself signed up, watch the free videos and when you are ready start tipping. You will soon discover the benefits.

At a Glance Information
Registered Chat hosts: 15,000+ Contact Support
Average Online: 400+
Free Chat? Yes Unlimited
Private Chat (per minute): 30 Tokens
Niches Available: Multi-niche including female, Male, Couples, Transexual
Models: Click Broadcast yourself Affiliate Program

Watch a live video preview here


  1. thye run a lot of ripoff scams with there new girls and they keep going offine there servers need updating. They rippoff there Phillipine cam girls by paying them 50% lees than other countries.

    • I confirm your say, the Philippine girls stay online 20 hours a day 7 days 7.
      In their country it’s deprived of food until completing the imposed goal!

  2. Whoever wrote this review was getting paid by Chaturbate. it’s terribly run, the customer service is bad, and the quality of the whole thing is rock bottom.

  3. This site is really great. If there was bank transfer possible (it is but only for 500USD and more payments, sorry thats too much for me for me) I would send them money for tokens and enjoy this site even more.

  4. Things are always crashing. And you never know when you get your check or direct deposit.

  5. I didn’t want to waste my time writing about this cheap Romanian porn cam girl. But realised later that it may help other to be cautious with her in future.
    Few things I know about her best of my knowledge are:
    Real Name: Alina Onea/Alina Lazar CB Name: Caroline
    Age: claims 20 but easily above 25
    Location: Romania Brasov or Deva (Not sure)
    Claims to be Single But Married to jobless Romanian Husband
    Claims that lives alone.. But stays with Romanian jobless husband.
    Paypal: [email protected] (claims cousin but may be husband name Location Deva Romania)
    I know few people who she cheated for money, I will name few I know but the list is bigger
    Don’t forget to say hi to them if you see them on CB any room LOL
    Jetline : 4000$(may be more) Clockher 1000$ (May be more)
    Note: I was her mod for more than 6 months I know many things she does.
    Idea behind this thread is to caution people to be safe with this cheap Romanian porn cam girl –Bookofher. She has jobless Romanian Husband who survive in the mercy of wife. Both together cheat people. You might be chatting to her husband thinking that how sweet she is to chat with. Im saying this because I experienced it and she was stupid to admit it too. What she needs is Money to pay bills take care of husband. Don’t waste money behind this whore. She doesn’t deserve it.
    She was once banned from Chaturbate for Credit card fraud. I m sure that she and Husband are involved in the fraud. Dangerous Girl to Know. I still remember the day when she was banned in cb so helpless desperately asking me to help her to get unbanned in chaturbate. I was stupid to mail cb in her support. I never realised how big fraud she was. If I knew I would have never supported her. Friends just avoid this bitch/slut/Money whore. Money/time is precious don’t waste behind a fraud.

    Email me if you had same problem with Bookofher: [email protected]
    Lets help deserving girls Not a Frauds like Bookofher. Believe me there are few good girls in chaturbate who appreciate if you help them.

  6. I have been surfing adult sites for 2 years gathering intell on girls to form a non free no token paid membership site that is based on intamcy rather tghen the bust one and go design everyone uses! Interested in investing in this contact [email protected]

    I have discovered up to 10 in a row fake girls there are alot of fake cams on chaturbate, I recently have been designing personal cam/model sites for girls and i know of several member joins from my affiliate links and theres showings of this on chaturbate since august….i have not got paid for any! i contacted chaturbate support over a week ago …no responce!

    so far this all is very shady and illegitimate!

    and now the sites chaturbate promotes and advertises…..crooks

    there a lil diff but the same you have a limited searching area but youll come to find girls outside of that area hAVe facebook, email, skype, and phone numbers on there site! EVERYWHERE xcept where your allowed to search??? strange right…..!!
    and if you contact hese girls its a link chasing fools errand where they obtain pvt info on you…desires lies, not likes etc

    after many months of experiencing this a strange thing begins to happen……girls start contacing or showing up in my area that unbelievably are perfect for me or have very ssame interests whinch in my case is very rare but now there everywhere! contact them…guess what…yup….follow links join spend money…no girl….more links……FOOLS ERRAND….oh if you wont follow links …done with you no more contact….wtf…..yup!!!!

    and they all seem to interconect.. hookups justhookup milfaholics milfsomething….all bullshite……and promoted by chaturbate……an untrustworthy shady site………..CHATURBATE SHOULD NOT….SHOULD NOT BE COMPARED TO MYFREECAMS….MFC is a great site not good…great…chaterbate is not good at all so how you comapre it to great!
    and why is the group of people they promote all liars scams and cons……why….no legit sites…not one

    ill tell you why cuz this group is a bunch of thieves, liars scammers and con artists

    peopel need to be aware quit supporting them!!!!! All of them in there circle!!! stop writing good stuff about them…..i promise you theres more shady stuff but above is enough….if u dont believe me…..go see for yourself…i gave you an outline what to look for ….go reseach and investigate………I PROMISE YOU THIS… will discover the truth now that you know what to look for!!!!!

  7. What a useless review. Zero support and the quality of the cam is for sure the worst I have ever seen.

    • Frank,

      Thanks for your comment however I feel I have to defend the review.
      The Chaturbate review is our reviewers personal opinion at that time. From my own personal experience the cam quality isn’t bad, in fact it’s a lot better than some out there. That being said, the site is very popular and regularly becomes overloaded. Often the site will just stop working. This can be as often as weekly at times.
      As with all large cam sites you will get varying degrees of cam quality, a major part of this is the type of cam the chat host is using. Have they invested in a HD cam or are they still using a $3.99 throwaway one?

      Support? I couldn’t comment as I have never needed to contact them however, thanks for letting us know.

  8. Chaturebate sucks. Don’t expect to get paid.

  9. I have just been completely scammed by an Exhibitionist guy on this site. He’s a sweet talking
    ‘French’ guy who had me fooled completely to thinking I was his fantasy. Made a private
    Profile for me to Follow just him & me & then after a few heated private free show
    & lots of sexy chats was asking which city I am in. then after next chat what my surname
    Is. I didn’t give my real name & logged off. Cancelled my account. he would pop off the screen
    & ask me to wait .
    Wanted me to put photos of me so he could see me – Photo ‘location services’ to find me?
    I didn’t use my phone to take pics tho. He said he worked in Data
    Processing so am now convinced he’s tried to Hack into my life on my computer.
    Am too scared to turn the wifi on right now. Feel like an idiot for believing.
    So BEWARE if it seems too good to be true it is!

  10. Your review didn’t mention that they are the best exhibitionist site…

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